Merlin Edit

According to Big Time, Merlin is esteemed in historical narratives as a distinguished sorcerer, yet his true antecedents remain enigmatic. He exhibits reticence when probed about his personal history. Existing documentation implies a correlation between this Merlin and the tales associated with King Arthur and the Round Table knights, igniting debates about the precise geographical commencement of his tale. Records reveal Merlin’s presence at Time’s End to be one of the earliest, predating even luminaries such as Einstein. Regardless of his origins, Merlin presently holds the position of Chronomancer instructor at Evermore, guiding neophytes in the sophisticated domain of magical combat. While his provenance might be disputed, his allegiance to Evermore and its objectives remains incontrovertible.

Among the Evermore academia, Merlin possesses a formidable reputation, evoking trepidation in prospective students. Characterized by his penetrating gaze and an enigmatic demeanor, his prodigious cognitive abilities juxtaposed with his notable lack of tolerance, establish rigorous academic conditions, particularly challenging for less adept scholars.

A prevalent conundrum among Evermore’s student body pertains to the tangibility of a figure ostensibly rooted in folklore. This prompts scrutiny of both the veracity of ancient narratives and the possibility of Merlin originating from an alternative reality. Subsequently, it also necessitates an exploration of the very essence of magic. Might magic indeed possess authenticity? Or does it resonate with Arthur C. Clarke’s postulation that advanced technology, beyond comprehension, might be indiscernible from magic? Merlin’s stance remains non-committal on these quandaries.