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Dive into the world of Big Time, a game that combines skill, strategy, and a sprinkle of luck. Every gameplay skill you acquire can propel you to new heights and rewards!

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Amidst the chilling quiet of the universe’s last epoch, the once twinkling stars are fading into oblivion, devoured by looming black holes. The inhabitants of this bleak existence have but one refuge: the “Time Collisions” – doorways to the past, made possible by Paradox Corporate, also known as Big Time. But now, these gateways are malfunctioning; overlapping and crashing, tearing the very fabric of time and space, and hastening the universe’s doom.

Evermore Academy, stationed at the brink of eternity, is now humanity’s last beacon of hope. Here, legendary intellects, including Benjamin Franklin and Merlin, are training new champions to save the Universe. Dive into this immersive universe where you, as a fledgling hero, must lead the charge against Paradox Corporate. Time is collapsing, and the fate of the universe is in your hands. Ready to clock in?

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