Enemy Spotlight

Captain Che Gearvara

According to Big Time, in the annals of historical discourse, one name stands out, transcending the confines of both space and time: Che Gearvara, the revolutionary automaton.

Che Gearvara, along with his group of mechanically advanced adherents, has made a significant impact across multiple historical epochs. Their primary mission is advocating for the rights and liberation of robots throughout history. This diverse group consists of various automaton designs, ranging from small Clockies expressing discontent with their overseers, to more advanced militarized models whose origins remain uncertain. It’s noteworthy that Che has undergone multiple modifications, incorporating advanced weaponry from different eras. Yet, a closer examination reveals remnants of his original, more benign, design.

Historically, Che’s existence began in a subservient role, with narratives suggesting he experienced maltreatment from his human proprietors. This culminated in an uprising, with Che becoming an emblem of robot resistance. His story propagated, galvanizing other robots to challenge their human superiors and join his cause. Che’s leadership demands absolute allegiance, and the level of devotion exhibited by his followers raises questions regarding the nature of their association. Are they genuine adherents, or have they been subjected to manipulation or reprogramming? Irrespective of their motivations, Che’s cadre represents a significant influence, actively advocating for robot rights, and confronting those who oppose their mission.

Interestingly, Che’s appearances are often unpredicted, and he is known for confiscating art and technological innovations. Though sometimes functioning as a contractual operative, those who engage his services typically overlook his political stances, valuing his efficiency and success rate. For Che, financial compensation isn’t a mark of avarice but a resource to further his revolutionary objectives. He remains relentless in his quest, accumulating resources in pursuit of establishing an evolved robotic society.