Vendroids in Big Time

Vendroids, the in-game merchants and vendors, are scattered across Dungeons, Towns, and the Open World of Big Time. Each type of Vendroid has a unique function and offers specific items for sale.

General Vendroid Tips

If you encounter a Vendroid that’s at full capacity, switch to the “Always Available” tab. Here, you can sell items without storage limits. However, once sold, these items can’t be bought back or purchased by other players. It’s also worth noting that sale prices can differ from one vendor to another.

Starter Vendroids

  • Items Offered: Beginner weapons and armor.
  • Location: Mostly found near starting points.
  • Specialty: Provides affordable options for new players.
  • Purchasing Process: Approach the Vendroid, press (E) to interact, right-click on the desired item, and drag it into your inventory. Offers are available under both “Limited Time Offer” and “Always Available” tabs.

Weapon Vendroids

  • Items Offered: Weapons, shields, and community-sold gear.
  • Location: Throughout Times End and Time Tears.
  • Specialty: Sells items traded in by other players (limited capacity).
  • Purchasing Process: Interact using (E), right-click the item, and drag it to your inventory. The “Limited Time Offer” tab also showcases items from the community. Red highlighted items can’t be equipped. “Always Available” features various consumables.

Accessories Vendroids

  • Items Offered: Accessories and community-sold items.
  • Location: Found in Times End and Time Tears.
  • Specialty: Showcases a diverse range of accessories.
  • Purchasing Process: Same as Weapons Vendroid. Offers under “Limited Time” can also include community-sold items.

Artifact FRagment Trader

  • Location: Located throughout Times End and Time Tears.
  • Items Offered: Specializes in trading Artifact Fragments.
  • Trading Process:
    • Step 1: Once you’ve amassed 10 or more fragments, you can either right-click or drag them into the designated Fragments slot.
    • Step 2: Click “TRADE”, and instantly receive your reward.
  • Possible Rewards:
    • Artifact Fragments: You can get between 1-3 fragments.
    • NFT: Secure a cosmetic NFT, ranging from Uncommon to Legendary.
    • Equipment: Obtain various equipment types with an increased chance for higher rarity.
    • Gold: Be awarded between 1000-6000 gold.
    • Pocket Watch: Acquire pocket watches with a heightened probability for superior rarity.
    • Unique Item: Get one of the distinct, special items.


  • Function: Decrypts encrypted items.
  • Usage: Visit D3cryp70r, drag or right-click the encrypted item into the slots, review the cost, and press “Decrypt” to unveil its secrets.
  • Encrypted Items: These are special items, like armor, gears, weapons, and pocket watches, that hide their stats and details until decrypted. Examples include encrypted uncommon gear, equipment, armor, weapon, pocket watch, and other accessories. Remember, until decrypted, their specific stats and attributes remain hidden.