Time waits for no one

According to Big Time game lore, a malevolent power courses through the annals of time, wreaking havoc and distorting what once was. Eras, once distinct, now clash and merge unpredictably. Unless halted promptly, the ensuing chaos threatens to shatter the very essence of our reality.

Desperate souls seek sanctuary at Time’s End, a haven in the cosmos. However, with space at a premium, Paradox Corporate emerges with a solution. Under the leadership of the enigmatic Conrad Cincade, they market Timeshares— realms where the Old West tangles with Jurassic giants, or cybernetic pirates wade through icy wastelands. Yet, in shadows, whispers blame Paradox for our temporal tragedies. With bold proclamations, Paradox disavows responsibility, forewarning of time’s inexorable demise.

Determined to confront the crisis, the brightest luminaries converge at Time’s End, founding the Evermore Academy. Under the guidance of the illustrious Erwin Schrödinger and Merlin, they work to restore the fabric of time. As a player in “Big Time,” you join this crucial mission, voyaging through the vast stretches of temporality, unlocking secrets, braving perils, and perhaps meeting a legend or two.

Time waits for no one. Dive deep, challenge Paradox, and mend the future!