Sanctuary: a haven in adventures

In the heart of the perilous adventures within Big Time, sanctuaries serve as tranquil havens. These are zones where a Tree of Life stands as a sentinel, offering respite for weary adventurers. These havens are strategically sprinkled throughout the dungeons, beckoning you to catch your breath and replenish your supplies.

Warden Tips

Be Mindful

As you navigate the dungeons, keep the locations of Safe Zones in your mental map. This awareness can conserve your personal Trees of Life and become crucial in desperate times.

Accessing your metaverse

Within Sanctuaries, you may access your personal metaverse or even change pocket watches. But be warned, if every party member enters their metaverse simultaneously, all will be ejected from the dungeon upon exit.

Stay Alert!

Although Sanctuaries are typically devoid of threats, enemies have been known to follow adventurers into these domains. Always keep one eye on your back! Enemies and Fauna that enter the Tree of Life Sanctuary will remove the replenishing effects.

Final thoughts

Big Time Sanctuaries are more than mere rest stops; they are essential elements in your dungeon-crawling strategy. Their careful utilization could spell the difference between triumph and defeat. So next time you find yourself in the labyrinthine corridors of a dungeon in Big Time, remember: the sanctuary is your friend, your healer, and sometimes, a place where foes might tread.