Big Time Epic Cosmetic NFT Collectibles

Big Time Epic Cosmetic NFT Collectibles

Big Time offers an immersive gaming experience, enriched by epic cosmetic NFT collectibles. These collectibles infuse style and individuality into the game without altering stats or introducing pay-to-win mechanics. Players can acquire them by defeating enemies, crafting at armories and forges, or trading in the Open Loot Marketplace. These unique digital assets not only alter characters’ appearances but also serve a pivotal role in accessing specialized areas within the game known as Prestige Portals.

Prestige Portals are specialized gateways within Big Time, known for increased drop rates for coveted items like Time Crystals, $TIME Tokens, Cosmetic Shards, Bonus Roll Chips, and Cosmetic Collectibles.

Unlock new gameplay and rewards

To gain access to Prestige Portals, players must meet particular requirements, some centering around epic cosmetic NFT collectibles. Players must fulfill the cosmetic requirement, meaning they must equip or possess specific cosmetics. These requirements could relate to various aspects, including rarity or specific tags such as source (e.g., craftable), theme (e.g., Medieval), season (e.g., EAL), or color. Examples of these requirements might include equipping at least 3 cosmetic collectibles of rare rarity or higher or equipping cosmetics with specific tags, such as Medieval or red.

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