Time's End

The Ultimate refuge in Space

Time’s End represents the last standing frontier at the culmination of both space and time. Located at this cosmic endpoint, Time’s End serves as a sanctuary for many fleeing the universe’s impending doom. 

Originally a monumental hub combining a university, museum, and library, Big Time Time’s End is now home to the universe’s most extensive collection of knowledge. This vast repository has origins in the genius of the ancient Time Weavers, an alien race responsible for creating “The Paradox Engine”, often referred to as a Dyson Sphere. This megastructure, enveloping a star or black hole, harnesses a significant fraction of its energy. This groundbreaking technology not only powers the Time Weavers’ time travel capabilities but also facilitates the creation of parallel universes and timelines. 

The very purpose of The Paradox Engine within Big Time Time’s End is twofold: observing the universe’s disintegration and possibly preventing it. Yet, as the responsibility falls on Evermore Academy and history’s brightest minds to train the next generation of heroes, there’s an impending dilemma. Their mission to save time could inadvertently lead to the unraveling of Time’s End itself.