Big Time Item Inventory

Learn how to optimize your inventory management in Big Time with our comprehensive guide. Discover the importance of bags, their types, and capacity to make grinding and farming a breeze. Follow these essential tips to maximize your inventory space.

Main INventory

At the beginning of the game, you’ll have 20 slots in your main inventory, which is accessible and shared by all Pocket Watches. Utilizing this main inventory is a secure method for transferring items between different Pocket Watches.

Increasing YOur Inventory Capacity

In Big Time, you can increase your main inventory capacity by unlocking additional slots in your Passive Skill Tree by progressing through Path of Pockets Trainers.


Bags play a significant role in improving your inventory capacity and making grinding and farming more convenient. Without bags, earning gold might be challenging. Each Pocket Watch can equip up to 2 bags at a time, and these bags come in various rarities and tiers.

Bags range from 3 extra inventory slots and go up to 25 inventory slots. Additionally, bags offer bonus stats, such as additional Health, Energy, and Movement Speed, which can further enhance your character’s capabilities.

Equipping Bags

To equip a bag, you must meet its requirements, and if you come across a better bag, you’ll need to drop the old bag before picking up the new one. It’s essential to be mindful of the bags you choose to maximize your inventory space efficiently.

where to find bags

You can expect to start finding bags dropping as loot from enemies and chests after reaching level 10. Keep a lookout for them as they will significantly improve your inventory capacity and overall gameplay experience.


Managing your main inventory and utilizing bags effectively is key to success in Big Time. With the right bags equipped, you’ll have more room for loot, resources, and equipment, allowing you to optimize your grinding and farming efforts to the fullest.