Master Combat in Big Time

In Big Time, learning to master combat skills is paramount to securing victory and survival. Learn the art of strategic attacks, perfect dodges, and effective blocking to gain a competitive edge in battles. This comprehensive guide will walk you through how to master combat, helping you become a formidable force on the battlefield.

Attacking in Big Time

Discover the power of attacks in Big Time’s combat system. Unleash a series of calculated strikes, mixing “light” and “heavy” attacks to form devastating combo moves. Observe the symbols on your screen to gauge your combo progress and execute precise maneuvers to overwhelm foes.

Exploring Elemental Damage

Amplify your arsenal in Big Time by customizing “heavy” attacks with elemental damage. Utilize weapon gems to infuse your strikes with different elements, creating unique advantages against various adversaries.

Jumping and Dashing

Big Time offers dynamic maneuverability during combat. Engage in aerial acrobatics, performing jump and dash attacks with ease to catch enemies off guard and gain the upper hand in battles.


Master the art of dodging in Big Time by mastering rapid double-tapping of movement keys. Effortlessly execute dashes to evade enemy attacks and create opportunities for counter-attacks.


Equip a shield in Big Time to gain defensive prowess. Activate the blocking stance using the Q key to absorb damage with your energy instead of health. Manage your energy wisely and use regeneration items to maintain the stance during intense battles.

Beware of Elemental Damage

In Big Time, elemental damage-over-time effects can penetrate your defenses. Stay vigilant and recognize the red symbols next to your health bar, signifying the threat of ongoing elemental damage.


By mastering the combat mechanics in Big Time, you’ll rise as a skilled warrior ready to face any challenge. Strategize your attacks, dodge with finesse, and utilize your shield wisely to emerge victorious in this thrilling gaming experience. Good luck in your journey to become a dominant force in Big Time!