FAction Spotlight

The Regulators

The Regulators Faction Insignia

According to Big Time, Evermore Academy students will encounter numerous factions, each with their distinct motivations and objectives. It’s essential to understand that each faction represents a unique philosophy and set of goals. Engaging with these factions allows learners to comprehend their standings and the subsequent benefits. However, a crucial aspect to remember is that not all factions maintain harmonious relations, leading to potential conflicts.

One faction operating primarily from Epoch City, called the Regulators, serves as a law enforcement to maintain the uninterrupted flow of time. Their responsibilities include neutralizing threats to Prime Time, pursuing temporal transgressors, retrieving misplaced historical artifacts, and, when deemed necessary, rectifying aberrant timelines.

The demeanor of the Regulators is often characterized by their stoic and straightforward nature. While they may seem unapproachable or stringent, it’s crucial to recognize the gravity of their responsibilities. Their role ensures the stability of Prime Time. A lapse in their duties could precipitate a chain reaction with the potential to compromise reality. Their unwavering dedication often places them in opposition to entities like Evermore and Paradox Corporate, who perceive the Regulators as detached and unempathetic. However, for the Regulators, their actions are not driven by personal sentiments but by the overarching mandate to maintain the continuum of time. It is essential for scholars to approach their study with an understanding of the Regulators’ commitment and the potential consequences of any interference.