Stealthy. Agile. Rogue.

In the world of Big Time, a player’s mastery over the Techblade class pocket watch skills is not just about in-game progress but can have significant rewards. Experienced gameplay can amplify your potential loot, with rewards ranging from $TIME Tokens and Time Crystals to Cosmetic Shards, Bonus Roll Chips, and sought-after Cosmetic NFT Collectibles. Simply put, the sharper your skills, the more you can collect!

If your aim is to execute lightning-fast ambushes on unsuspecting foes, swiftly eliminating them before they can react, then the Shadowblade is the perfect choice for you.

While the Shadowblade class pocket watch may lack durability and long-range capabilities, it compensates with exceptional speed, stealth, mobility, and high single-target damage output.

In Big Time, the Shadowblade’s primary role is to swiftly dispatch highly dangerous adversaries before they can act. Having a Shadowblade in your party becomes crucial when targeting long-range enemies with high DPS, such as flying clockies, turrets, mage bugs, mantis bugs, gunners, spitting tank bugs, and healers.

Despite its agility, the Shadowblade is susceptible to incapacitation after only a few hits. Therefore, it’s crucial to utilize its survival tools, such as invisibility and smoke poof, to evade enemy attention. Although it possesses a few mid-range skills, it lacks abilities that cover longer distances.