Offense. Stealth. Support.

In the world of Big Time, a player’s mastery over the Techblade class pocket watch skills is not just about in-game progress but can have significant rewards. Experienced gameplay can amplify your potential loot, with rewards ranging from $TIME Tokens and Time Crystals to Cosmetic Shards, Bonus Roll Chips, and sought-after Cosmetic NFT Collectibles. Simply put, the sharper your skills, the more you can collect!

Techblades are versatile frontline fighters who excel at both offense and support. They prefer to engage enemies up close, using their lightning-fast melee strikes to overwhelm opponents.

The Techblade class pocket watch is an exciting fusion of Quantum Fixer and Shadowblade, incorporating a range of unique abilities. To gain access to this class, players are required to level up a Quantum Fixer or Shadowblade pocket watch to level 30. Once this milestone is reached, a special quest will be bestowed upon the player, granting them entry into the Thundercube. Once you have successfully defeated all enemies in the Thundercube you will be rewarded your first Techblade pocket-watch.