Big Time Mission Objectives

Big Time Mission Objectives often fall into several types, such as eliminating, gathering, defusing or destroying. Adventures normally include two or more objectives.

Adventure Mission Objectives

Dimensional Rift

Destroy the rift generators and their summoned abominations.

Quantum Shield

Find a way to deactivate the shield.

Explosive Ordinance Disposal

Locate the bombs through out the dungeon before the timer runs out.

Angry Enemies

Any enemies left aggro’d will result in Anger Management.

Corrupt Portal

Investigate the Anomaly, collect the Keystone then close the Portal.

Soul Drain

Investigate the Phenomenon, Feed the Soul Drain before it leaves.

BoTanical Research

Gather Flowers.

Scientific Method

Gather Flowers.

Eliminate fauna

Eliminate Fauna.

Eliminate Captains

Eliminate Captains.

Eliminate Lieutenants

Eliminate Lieutenants.

Seek and Destroy

Eliminate the Wanderers.

Clockie Chaos

Annihilate the rogue clockies.

Eliminate Tank Bug Defender

Eliminate Angry Tank Bug.

Boss Mission Objectives

Align the rings

Rotate the Rings into position to activate each wave of enemies. Once you align all three switches the column in the middle will lower releasing the final bosses. Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Activating all three rings and the bosses can easily overwhelm a party. 

Eliminate Marked Targets

Eliminate all targets.

Elemental Monitor

Eliminate the Elemental Monitor.