Big Time Adventures, known as Time Tears, are towering gateways found throughout the world. These portals often display three-dimensional icons, each of which has a specific meaning. Some icons symbolize the area of the map you’re in (e.g., a giant fish for the Sea Shore Cave), while others represent the type of foes lurking inside the Time Tear (e.g., a pirate flag for Cyber Pirates).

Approaching a dungeon activates a heads-up display, revealing essential details like the type of dungeon, level range, maximum party size limit, and the time remaining before the dungeon vanishes.

Level Ranges

A dungeon labeled Level 1-2 means the toughest adversary will be at Level 2. Caution is advised, as seemingly simple activities like slaying Fauna or picking flowers may suddenly spawn a formidable Tank Bug, even in a Level 1-2 dungeon.

Warden Tips

It’s wise to pick dungeons only a few levels above your own when starting. Why? Lower-level characters may struggle with melee or magical damage, extending the time needed to conquer a dungeon. Once Level 10 is reached, dungeons up to four levels higher can be tackled without significant difficulty.