When you find a chest in the big time, open it to discover what’s inside. Chests may vary in rarity, which can give you an indication of the quality of the loot they contain.

Please note that you must be within 5 levels of the chest, or higher, to open it. This level requirement helps guide players to stay within a balanced 5-level range.

Adventure Chests

These chests may or may not spawn, with rarities ranging from uncommon to unique. They appear throughout dungeons in specific locations. Be cautious, as some of these chests could be traps.

Demon Chests

This optional mission can reward you with loot and XP upon completion. The demon-possessed chest may appear in dungeons and becomes an objective when activated by pressing (E). A barrier then forms around the chest, creating a battle arena where three waves of enemies spawn, increasing in difficulty. If a party member is stuck outside the arena, use a potion between waves to teleport them to you.

Mimic Chests

Some chests may be trapped, releasing multiple enemies when opened. There is no way to discern a trapped chest from a normal one without opening it, so always be prepared. Be ready to quickly escape when opening any chest.

Boss Area Chests

This special chest spawns after completing a dungeon and can be of any rarity, from Common to Unique. It’s located at the end of the dungeon, and to loot it, players must press (E). As with other chests, you must be within 5 levels of the chest or higher to open it. When opened, you will receive various items of different rarities.

Chests are integral to the gaming experience, providing rewards, challenges, and surprises. Players should be mindful of level requirements and potential traps when interacting with chests. By understanding these mechanics, you can make the most of the opportunities that chests present.