Magic. Ranged Damage.

In the world of Big Time, a player’s mastery over the Chronomancer class pocket watch skills is not just about in-game progress but can have significant rewards. Experienced gameplay can amplify your potential loot, with rewards ranging from $TIME Tokens and Time Crystals to Cosmetic Shards, Bonus Roll Chips, and sought-after Cosmetic NFT Collectibles. Simply put, the sharper your skills, the more you can collect!

The Big Time Chronomancer class pocket watch serves as a crucial asset when facing challenging foes that prove difficult for melee-oriented classes, such as those surrounded by damaging auras.

Despite its remarkable damage potential as a glass cannon, the Chronomancer is rather fragile, capable of enduring only a few hits before succumbing. 

Engaging in close-quarters combat is not its forte, and charging headlong into battle with a Chronomancer is ill-advised. Additionally, this class heavily relies on energy, necessitating a constant supply of Energy Potions and Tree of Life Potions.