Weapon Gem Crafting Tips, Tricks, and Step-by-Step guide

By Evermore Wardens

Weapon Gems can be a game-changer in combat, providing an added layer of damage and unique effects to heavy attacks. Among the myriad of choices, we particularly recommend the Frost Gem. Not only does it pack a significant punch in terms of damage, but it also has a chance at slowing down the enemy.

before you begin

Do you have what you need?

Crafting a Weapon Gem costs 1,000 Gold per tier. Ensure you have sufficient funds before crafting. Also, check our Weapon Gen Crafting Recipes to ensure you have all the ingredients you need.

Check your Materials Inventory

If your Materials Inventory is full, the Weapon Gem Crafter will not let you craft settings. Transfer the materials you don’t need to your Stash to make some room. You can also temporarily drop them in the Metaverse, but they will vanish over time or if someone lurks in your Space.

Check your Weapon

Check your weapon before crafting to make sure you have unlocked a gem slot. For every 5 levels gained, a new slot becomes available. By the time your weapon hits level 20, all four slots will be unlocked. Each of these slots is aligned to the heavy attacks of your melee combos. If your resources are limited, start with the first and fourth slots. The first slot is just one click away and the final, fourth slot is your best heavy finisher and inflicts the most damage.

Tier Matters

Always verify your weapon’s tier before selecting a gem tier for crafting. If the gem’s tier exceeds the weapon’s, you won’t be able to fit it. However, you can always incorporate gems of a lower tier into your weapon.

Gem Ranges

Every Weapon Gem you craft has a randomly rolled min and max range. If you don’t achieve the desired range on the first attempt, keep trying. Gems with broader ranges typically offer a wider spectrum between minimum and maximum, leading to potentially higher damage output. However, they may lack consistency. On the other hand, mid-range gems have a more narrow range between their minimum and maximum values, ensuring more predictable numbers.

Rearranging Gems

In Big Time you can rearrange gems slot to slot, but moving a slotted gem from one slot to another will cost 1,000 Gold per tier per gem you move. You can also replace gems for the same cost.

STep-by-Step Guide

Step 1

Enter your Personal Metaverse.

Step 2

Add all the necessary resources to your Materials Inventory. Consult our crafting tables to ensure you have everything you need before crafting.

Step 3

Approach the Weapon Gem Crafter and press (E).

Step 4

Scroll to the Weapon Gem you want to craft to verify you possess all the required resources. Any missing resources will be highlighted in red. If you have everything, skip to Step 8.

Step 5

Craft the Gem Setting needed for the crafting process. Settings are made by converting ore.

Step 6

Press “Craft Item”. The Gem Setting will automatically be added to your inventory. Note: Make sure you have an available slot in your Materials Inventory to hold the newly crafted setting or the Weapon Gem Crafter will not let you craft.

Step 7

Scroll to the Weapon Gem you wish to craft.

Step 8

Press “Craft Item” and the new Weapon Gem will be available in “Slot & Remove.” 

Step 9

After crafting the Weapon Gem, select “Slot & Remove” at the top of the screen.

Step 10

Drag the weapon you wish to modify into the open slot.

Step 11

Place each Weapon Gem into the desired slot on your weapon. Note: make sure you have them exactly where you want them before pressing “Slot Gems.” Rearranging gems can get expensive.

Step 12

Click “Slot Gems” to finalize the crafting.


Go Forth and test it against some blight!