Big Time Bosses

Each boss in Big Time presents its unique set of challenges and abilities. By understanding and mastering the mechanics of each, players can overcome these formidable foes and claim victory. From the robotic Mecha Che Gearvara to the mysterious Ancient Monitor, this detailed guide equips you with the strategies needed to conquer each boss in the game. Equip yourself, gather your team, and let the battle begin!

Mecha che Gearvara Boss

One of Big Time’s most relentless adversaries, Mecha Che Gearvara, will challenge even the most skilled players. This boss is divided into two forms, each requiring specific tactics to defeat.

First Form Abilities:

Spin Attack: Che performs a 360-degree spin, inflicting massive damage. It’s essential to back off when in close range.
Rocket Barrage: Che takes to the sky, firing two barrages of unmarked rockets at random players. Keep moving to avoid the attack.
Ground Rocket Barrage: Che targets a player, launching a rocket barrage directly at them.
Gun Spray: Che retreats, spraying laser shots at players.

Captain Che Gearvara Phase 2 Abilities:

Cross Slash: Che executes a combo attack on his target. Side dodge when he crosses his arms and blades.
Spin Attack: Similar to the first form, Che charges a 360-degree spin attack.

Elemental Monitor Boss

The Elemental Monitor is Big Time’s first true “boss,” with phases and invulnerability during the fight. Watch for enrage mode, where the AOEs target every player in the dungeon.

The Elemental Monitor Boss possesses AOE Elemental Attacks. Based on the color, the boss targets players with Fire, Frost, or Arcane damage. Use potions or healing abilities to survive.

How to prevent enrage mode:
Collecting Orbs: Gather the correct colored orbs in the time limit. Avoid the wrong ones, or suffer heavy elemental DOT damage.
Killing Orb Carriers: Focus on ancient monitors over drone bugs to get enough orbs.

Ancient Monitor Boss

The enigmatic Ancient Monitor Boss possesses unique abilities:

Teleport: It teleports to distant locations.
Slap: A lean-back and powerful slap that can one-shot players.
Razor Blade: It fires a razor blade at faraway players.
Radian Blast: Curling up its arms, it damages enemies close around it.
Shadow Volley: Fires a volley of shadow shots with splash damage.
Containment Barrier: It attempts to trap a targeted player. Dodge the red circular indicator with a dash ability if possible.

Mega Clockie Boss

The Megaclockie, a deadly enemy within the robot family, has varied and stunning attacks:

Lazer Shot: A long-ranged attack with a ground indicator, which stuns players.
Anti Missile Shield: Emits a dome shield that negates ranged projectiles.
Shield Slam: A ground slam with its shield. Easy to dodge and low damage.
Rockets: Immediate volley of rockets that can splash damage nearby players.
Side Swing: A 360-degree swing that requires quick backing off.
Overhead Hammer Slam: Stay out of the radius of the ground indicator to avoid this attack.

T-Rex Boss

The T-Rex, in both regular and mecha variations, unleashes powerful attacks:

Crunch: A lunging bite that inflicts heavy damage.
Tail Slam: A tail strike that staggers players, emitting a shockwave.
Wind Breath: A volley of wind aimed at the players.

Tank Bug Boss

The Tank Bugs, both melee and ranged versions, present their unique challenges:

Tank Bug:

Melee Thrust & Charge: Attack from behind to avoid heavy damage.
Body Slam: Jump over shockwaves to dodge.

Spitting Tank Bug:

Spitting Missiles & Large Missile: Avoid grouping up and dodge these ranged attacks.
Body Slam: Similar to the default, but without shockwaves.
Poison DOT Aura: Eliminate quickly or attack from afar when this aura appears.