Big Time Space Utility NFT Collectibles offer players the opportunity to expand and customize their personal metaverse with unique decorative NFT collectibles, host friends, and seamlessly incorporate Utility NFT Collectibles to participate in the player-driven economy. Space will also have a chance to spawn Cracked Hourglasses depending on the size and rarity of Space.

STarter Space

Every player receives a Starter SPACE in Big Time. Your Starter SPACE includes a Stash to store additional inventory and a gem crafting vendor to craft weapon gems to augment your melee attacks. 

To access your Starter Area activate your Personal Metaverse Passive Skill to open your Metaverse portal. This Starter Area is like your digital home base. It is small, but you can expand it with SPACE.

About Space

SPACE is Big Time’s version of online land. It lets you grow your Personal Metaverse and add special items called Utility Collectibles. SPACE has many uses:

  • Make your Personal Metaverse bigger.
  • Add special items like Forges, Armories, and Time Wardens.
  • Decorate with unique items.
  • Have more space for friends.
  • Find special items called Cracked Hourglasses.

You can get SPACE in two main ways:

  1. Buy it from the Open Loot Marketplace.
  2. Sometimes, it’s a surprise reward in the game for doing tasks or challenges.

Note: The total amount of SPACE available is fixed and won’t change.

Navigating Space

Each SPACE has one main door in and several doors out. If you want to add a SPACE to your Personal Metaverse, use its main door. Want more room? You can link different SPACEs using these doors.


  • To join SPACEs, link one door from a SPACE to another.
  • The doors out (or exits) let you add more special items. More doors mean more items. The number of doors a SPACE has depends on its size and how rare it is.

Space Rarity and Size

Diversity of SPACE

SPACE varies in size and rarity:

  • Bigger ones let you add more items, have more decorations, and fit more friends.
  • Some special items need rare SPACEs. For instance, a big decoration like a dinosaur might need a large SPACE.
  • Rare SPACEs might give you better Cracked Hourglasses. And bigger ones increase your chances of finding more.