Big Time Shrines

Navigating the vast universe of Big Time is an exhilarating experience. While challenges abound, tools to enhance your gameplay are plentiful. One such tool is the shrine system. In this guide, we delve into the powerful “Big Time Shrines” and how they can be a game-changer for players.

Boost your gameplay

In Big Time, shrines serve as boost stations scattered throughout the game. When activated, these shrines bestow buffs upon players and their allies within the activation range. Each shrine offers a distinct advantage, allowing for strategic gameplay and giving players the edge they need in tough situations.

Big Time Shrines and their buffs

  • Evasion Shrine: Gain a temporary surge in Evasion, making you harder to hit for a limited duration.
  • Speed Shrine: Enhance your Movement Speed momentarily, ideal for quick escapes or chasing down foes.
  • Block Shrine: Benefit from a temporary boost in your Block ability, reducing incoming damage.
  • Mitigation Shrine: For a short period, increase your Mitigation, reducing the damage sustained.
  • Dodge Shrine: Elevate your Dodge rate temporarily, ensuring you sidestep impending threats with ease.
  • Health Regen Shrine: For a limited time, enjoy accelerated Health Regeneration, crucial for staying in the fight.
  • Energy Regen Shrine: Replenish your Energy at a faster rate for a short duration.
  • Recovery Shrine: Instantly restore both Health and Energy, a lifeline in dire circumstances.
  • Revive Shrine: A beacon of hope, this shrine revives fallen teammates and other nearby players.
  • Immunity Shrine: Acquire ailment immunity, warding off debuffs.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, understanding and utilizing the Big Time Shrines effectively can transform your gameplay. Whether you’re in the midst of battle, exploring new territories, or strategizing with your team, the shrines are a valuable asset. Always be on the lookout for them and reap the benefits they offer!