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big time Pocket Watch skill guide

Find the perfect class and skills to match your playstyle.

Big Time Game Character Skill Guide
Big Time Game Interactive Map

Big Time game map

Find class trainers, points of interest, shrines, and a few hidden gems.

Big Time Metaverse space planner

Visualize and optimize your Big Time Metaverse Space and Utilities.

Big Time Game Metaverse Design

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Evermore Wardens is a community of players with a shared passion and commitment to learning every facet of Big Time, a free-to-play multi-player action RPG crypto game where players can create, collect, trade, and rent in-game resources, NFT digital collectibles, and on-chain cryptocurrency. Our goal is to create a comprehensive Big Time play to earn game wiki and foster a welcoming space for players to forge lasting friendships. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting your journey, our community is dedicated to helping one another learn the game and player-driven economy.

Consider supporting us as we continue to build more player resources – it won’t cost you a penny! We are Big Time Studios Ambassadors and receive commissions from Open Loot Marketplace purchases. Enter our Creator Code: EvermoreWardens on your next purchase.

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