Big Time Game Resources Guide: unearth the treasures of Time's End

In the fascinating world of Big Time, resources play a crucial role in crafting, upgrading, and thriving within the game. From valuable ores and gems to the unique materials dropped by enemies, this guide offers a comprehensive overview of the resources available in the land of Times-End.

Gold Currency: Your Key to Wealth

Gold in Big Time is earned through various means such as selling items to Vendroids, defeating enemies, or looting chests. Currently, the gold cap is set at 5,000,000.

Mining: Uncover ores and gems

In the vast expanse of Times-End, ore is dispersed throughout the land. However, its quality and tier vary based on your geographical position. Venture into more advanced zones, and you’ll discover higher-tier Ore and Gems.

Additionally, if you delve into dungeons, the richness of the ore and resources increases with the dungeon’s difficulty. The more challenging the dungeon, the rarer the ore and materials you can extract.

This mined ore plays a pivotal role in creating Gem Settings.

Ore types (Found in mines)

Ores Type Location(s) Rarity
Ore Copper Copper Small Mines Common
Ore Graphite Graphite Small Mines Common
Ore Tin Tin Small Mines Common
Ore Iron Iron Medium Mines Uncommon
Ore Silver Silver Medium Mines Uncommon
Ore Gold Gold Large Mines Rare
Ore Platinum Platinum Large Mines Epic
Ore Synthesium Synthesium Large Mines Legendary

GEm Types (Found in Mines)

Gems Type Location(s) Rarity
Gem Quartz Topaz Desert Mines Common
Gem Peridot Peridot Ice Cave Mines Common
Gem Ruby Ruby Desert Mines Rare
Gem Sapphire Sapphire Ice Cave Mines Rare

Enemy Drops: Unique Materials for Crafting

From Binosaurs:

Leather Type Location(s) Rarity
Leather Low Quality Low Quality Binosaur Enemies Common
Leather Medium Quality Medium Quality Binosaur Enemies Uncommon
Leather High Quality High Quality Binosaur Enemies Rare

From raptors and t-rexs:

Hearts Type Location(s) Rarity
Binosaur Raptor Heart Low Quality Raptors Uncommon
Binosaur T-Rex Heart Medium Quality T-Rexs Epic

From Blight:

Parts Type Location(s) Rarity
Blight Blight Ichor Blight Ichor Blight Enemies Common
Blight Carapace Carapace Blight Enemies Common
Blight Chitin Chitin Blight Enemies Common
Blight Wings Wings Blight Enemies Common

From Cyber Pirates:

Parts Type Location(s) Rarity
Cyber Pirate Bolts Bolts Cyber Pirate Enemies Common
Cyber PIrate Sheet Metal Sheet Metal Cyber Pirate Enemies Uncommon
Cyber Pirate Batteries Batteries Cyber Pirate Enemies Rare
Cyber Pirate Power Unit Power Units Cyber Pirate Enemies Epic

Essences and orbs: special drops from all enemies


Essence Type Location(s) Rarity
Essence Time Time Essence All Enemies Epic
Essence Void Void Essence All Enemies Epic


Orbs Type Location(s) Rarity
Orb Ice Ice All Enemies Rare
Orb Epoch Epoch All Enemies Rare
Orb Flame Flame All Enemies Rare
Orb LIghtning Lightning All Enemies Rare
Orb Poison Poison All Enemies Rare

Understanding and utilizing resources is key to your success in Big Time. Whether you’re mining for rare ores, battling enemies for unique materials, or gathering essences for powerful upgrades, the opportunities for exploration and growth are endless. Happy mining, crafting, and adventuring in the land of Times-End!