Big Time Pocket Watches

In Big Time, Pocket Watches play a crucial role as self-contained characters and inventories. Each Pocket Watch allows you to adopt a specific playstyle that suits your preferences or fills the necessary role within your party. Moreover, Pocket Watches can come with varying levels of Rarity, affecting their overall performance.

Understanding Pocket Watches

Pocket Watches possess multiple attributes, with Rarity being a significant factor. Generally, higher Rarity items tend to offer superior performance compared to their lower Rarity counterparts. Pocket Watches also come with varying levels of Stats and sometimes Abilities. 

When selecting a new Pocket Watch in Big Time, take into account the stat bonuses and embedded Abilities to optimize your character’s performance. Look for Pocket Watches with high stats that complement your chosen Character Class or align with your preferred play style. Moreover, prioritize Pocket Watches with powerful Abilities, as embedded Abilities save valuable gear slots for other crucial skills. When reviewing the Stats of potential new Pocket Watches, ensure you focus solely on the perk Stats, disregarding any Passive bonuses. 

While Pocket Watch levels do not transfer between characters, your Rank will increase as you continue to invest time and progress across all your Pocket Watches. This Rank reflects your overall accomplishments and advancement in the game.

Starting a new Character class

Starting a new character is a breeze with Pocket Watches. To explore a different class, simply find a new Pocket Watch and begin your adventure. Head over to the “Timeline” tab, where you can select the desired Pocket Watch.

Character Class Overview

Your class in Big Time is determined by the type of Pocket Watch you possess. At the beginning, you have access to four distinct character classes, each with unique abilities and playstyles:

Time Warrior (Barbarian)

Time Warriors excel in close-up combat. As a powerful tank, this class is perfect for soaking up damage and protecting your party.

Chronomancer (Mage)

Chronomancers are asters the arts of magic and precision, unleashing ranged destruction with projectiles and potent area-of-effect damage. Your devastating spells can turn the tide of any battle.

Quantum Fixer (Support)

As a Quantum Fixer become a vital support character, healing your friends and weakening your foes with strategic buffs and debilitating debuffs. Additionally, deploy turrets to bolster your team’s defenses.

Shadowblade (Assassin)

Embrace stealth, speed, and cunning tactics as a deadly Shadowblade assassin. Utilize traps to surprise your enemies and deal maximum damage with precision strikes.

Battlemancer (Barbarian/Mage)

As a Battlemancer, you harness the aggression and brute force of the Time Warrior, coupled with the precise and ranged destruction of the Chronomancer.

TEchblade (assassin/Support)

In Big Time, the Techblade emerges as a formidable class, fusing the stealth and cunning of the Shadowblade with the technological prowess of the Quantum Fixer.


Selecting the right Pocket Watch and character class is essential for a successful and enjoyable journey in Big Time. Consider your playstyle and party dynamics to make an informed choice. Whether you prefer close combat, spellcasting, support, or stealthy tactics, Big Time offers a thrilling adventure tailored to your preferences. Start your epic quest now and make your mark.