Quantum Fixer

Heal. Support. Buff. Debuff.

In the world of Big Time, a player’s mastery over the Quantum Fixer class pocket watch skills is not just about in-game progress but can have significant rewards. Experienced gameplay can amplify your potential loot, with rewards ranging from $TIME Tokens and Time Crystals to Cosmetic Shards, Bonus Roll Chips, and sought-after Cosmetic NFT Collectibles. Simply put, the sharper your skills, the more you can collect!

If you’re looking to heal your allies, replenish their energy, and weaken your enemies, look no further than the Quantum Fixer class pocket watch.

What the Quantum Fixer lacks in DPS, it makes up for with its ability to heal, buff, and instantly revive allies.

The Quantum Fixers role in Big Time is to keep its party members alive while supporting them with various buffs as well as debuffing enemies.

It’s important to have at least 1-2 Quantum Fixers in your party as a safety net in case players get DBNO. It also makes dungeon runs more efficient when party members constantly have their health and energy maintained.