How to Loot Big Time Cosmetic NFT Collectibles

In the universe of Big Time, non-craftable digital collectibles have emerged as a highly sought-after commodity. But what makes these items so coveted?

Understanding Big Time Cosmetic NFT Collectibles

Big Time NFTs, or non-craftable digital collectibles, primarily serve to alter your character’s visual appearance. These wearable NFTs don’t provide power enhancements or upgrades. Their allure stems from the fact that each digital collectible has a limited supply in Big Time. Moreover, every digital collectible comes with a unique mint number and a max mint number. The latter indicates the total number of that specific collectible type in existence, while the former tracks its presence on the blockchain.

Rarity Levels

Different rarities give each collectible its distinct value. The current rarity hierarchy, identifiable by color, is as follows:

  • White: Common
  • Green: Uncommon
  • Blue: Rare
  • Purple: Epic
  • Orange: Legendary
  • Yellow: Mythic

Successfully looting a digital collectible in-game will trigger a distinct ringing sound, accompanied by the “Artifact Looted” notification displayed near the center-top of your screen.

Why Aren't I looting any NFTs?

The elusive nature of NFTs can sometimes make them hard to acquire. While there are days when players land several or even a higher rarity, persistence is key. Engage in varied game activities – dungeons, interactions with chests, canisters, mines, missions, and more. The more you engage, the higher your chances. Meanwhile, hone your skills, level up, complete challenges, craft, and assist others to enrich your game experience.

Always keep your party members within a 200-meter radius. This ensures you earn experience and stand a chance to loot a digital collectible. Beyond this range, you’ll miss out on both experiences and potential NFTs. An exception to this rule is chests; they can drop digital collectibles and artifact fragments for any party member, irrespective of distance.

Etiquette Matters

Teamwork is vital in Big Time. Stay close to the party leaders and actively participate in battles. Absentee players, or those lingering over 200 meters away, can sometimes appear opportunistic, seemingly attempting to snatch collectibles without contributing. Ensure clear communication with your team to avoid misunderstandings. Breaching these unspoken rules might result in exclusion from future parties in Big Time.

Remember, in Big Time, collaboration and dedication go a long way. As the saying goes, “Keep your enemies close, but your party members closer!”