Big Time Gears

In this guide, we’ll delve into the intricacies of Pocket Watch gears, explaining their rarity, class-specific abilities, stat bonuses, and the process of equipping them on your Pocket Watch. Additionally, we’ll explore the color-coded identification system that helps you quickly distinguish between different classes of Pocket Watch Gears.

Rarity and Features of Pocket Watch Gears

Pocket Watch Gears come in varying degrees of rarity. Rarer gears typically offer more than one class-specific ability along with additional stat bonuses. This means that the more exclusive the gear, the more powerful and unique its abilities will be. When acquiring gears, keep an eye out for those with higher rarity for greater benefits.

Level Requirements for Equipping Gears

To equip Pocket Watch Gears, you must meet certain level requirements. Each gear has a specific level threshold, and you can only equip gears that are within 4 levels of your Pocket Watch’s current level. For instance, if your Pocket Watch is at level 10, you can equip gears up to level 14, but not level 15.

Class-Specific Gears

Pocket Watch Gears are tailored to specific classes, such as Time Warrior, Chronomancer, or Quantum Fixer, among others. A Time Warrior Pocket Watch, for instance, can only accommodate Time Warrior Gears. It’s crucial to match the gear’s class with that of your Pocket Watch to unlock its full potential.

Identifying Gears by Class Color

Quickly identifying the compatibility of a Pocket Watch Gear with your class is made easy through a color-coded system. Each class of gears is associated with a distinct color, allowing you to visually match the gear to the class it belongs to.

Color Class
Quantum Fixer
Time Warrior

By understanding the rarity, abilities, and level requirements of Pocket Watch Gears, as well as utilizing the class-specific identification system, you can optimize your Pocket Watch’s capabilities and gain a competitive edge in your adventures. Happy gear hunting!

where to find Pocket Watch Gears

Pocket Watch Gears can be acquired from boss chests, defeated enemies, and are also available for purchase from Vendroids.

Warden Tips

When you come across gears that possess powerful skills but have low-level requirements, it’s wise to hold onto them. These particular low-level gears will prove highly valuable when you begin leveling up a new Pocket Watch.