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Big Time Emotes

While many popular free-to-play games rely on selling skins and emotes directly to players, Big Time sets itself apart. Rather than being mere consumers, players here are actively involved in the game’s economic structure. They’re empowered to craft cosmetics themselves, forging a deeper connection to the game’s universe with Big Time Emote NFT Collectibles. In essence, while the emotes models are designed by Big Time, the crafting recipes are handed over to the players, letting them control the creation, trade, and sale of these cosmetics. This model ensures players feel deeply integrated within the game’s economics.

backflip Emote

Bandage Wounds Emote

Blacksmith Emote

Body Building Emote

Breakdance Emote

Celebrate Emote

Clapping Emote

Handstand Emote

Mime in a box Emote

WAr Chant Emote